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Frogurt -Best Froyo -Winston Salem, Hickory NC, Roanoke - VA


Acai Berry Tart (Non Fat)36       
Alpine Strawberry (Non Fat)34       
Alpine Vanilla (Non Fat)34       
Angel Food Cake (Non Fat)37        
Apple Pie (Non Fat)34       
Banana Chocolate Parfait (Non Fat)38       
Banana Pudding (Non Fat)34       
Birthday Cake (Non Fat)34       
BlueBerry Burst (Non Fat)34       
Blueberry Natural (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)27      
Blueberry Tart (Non Fat)40       
Bubble Yum Bubble Gum (Non Fat)34       
Butter Brickle (Non Fat)38       
Butter Pecan (Non Fat)34       
Butter Rum (Non Fat)39       
Cable Car Chocolate (Non Fat)38       
Cake Batter (Low Fat)44       
California Tart (Non Fat)33       
Cappuccino (Non Fat)33       
Caramel Custard (Non Fat)40       
Carrot Cake (Non Fat)33       
Cheesecake (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)28      
Cheesecake (Non Fat)40       
Cherry Amaretto (Non Fat)38       
Cherry Limeade (Non Fat)40      
Chocolate Mint (Non Fat)40       
Chocolate Slender Waist (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)27      
Classic Chocolate (Non Fat)38       
Classic Tart (Non Fat)33       
Coffee (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)28      
Cotton Candy (Non Fat)39       
Country Vanilla (Non Fat)34       
Cranberry Hibiscus Tart (Non Fat)30       
Creamy Orange Dreamsicle (Non Fat)34       
Creamy Red Cup Cake (Low Fat)44       
Double Chocolate Cream (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)24      
Double Dutch Chocolate (Non Fat)34       
Dulce De Leche (Low Fat)47     
Egg Nog (Low Fat - Holiday Flavor)38      
Espresso (Low Fat)40      
Euro Tart (Non Fat)33       
French Dreamsicle (Non Fat)34       
French Vanilla (Non Fat)34       
Fruit Punch Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)27        
Georgia Peach (Non Fat)34       
German Chocolate Fudge (Non Fat)33       
Ginger Lemonade Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Gingerbread (Non Fat)33       
Green Tea Tart (Non Fat)30       
Hawaiian Pineapple (Non Fat)34       
Heath Toffee (Low Fat)38       
Honey Lavender Tart (Non Fat)30       
Huckleberry (Non Fat)34       
Irish Cream (Non Fat)39       
Irish Mint (Non Fat)34       
Island Banana (Non Fat)34       
Island Coconut (Non Fat)34      
Kahlua (Non Fat)38     
Key Lime Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Kisses Cherry Cordial (Non Fat)34       
Kiwi Strawberry (Non Dairy - Non Fat)27        
Lemon Pie (Non Fat)40       
Luscious Lemon (Non Fat)34       
Mango Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)27        
Mango Tango (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Milk Chocolate (Low Fat)47      
Mint (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)27     
Mounds Coconut (Low Fat)40      
Mountain Blackberry (Non Fat)37       
New Orleans Praline (Non Fat)38       
New York Cheesecake (Non Fat)40       
Orange Burst Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Orange Cream (Non Fat)34       
Orchard Peach (Non Fat)34       
Original Tart (Non Fat)30       
Original Tart Organic Milk (Low Fat - Organic)37      
Outrageous Orange (Non Fat)34       
Peach Mango Fusion Tart (Non Fat)31       
Peach White Tea Tart (Non Fat)30       
Peach with Activa (Non Fat)34       
Peanut Butter (Low Fat)53    
Pecan Pralines (Non Fat)37       
Peppermint Stick (Non Fat - Holiday Flavor)34       
Pink Grapefruit (Non Fat)30       
Pink Lemonade Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)27        
Pistachio (Non Fat)34     
Pomegranate Energy Boost (Non Fat / Vitamin Boost)40       
Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart (Non Fat)30       
Pralines N Cream (Low Fat)44      
Pumpkin (Non Fat)38       
Pumpkin Pie (Low Fat - Holiday Flavor)38      
Raspberry Tart (Non Fat)37       
Red Velvet Cake (Low Fat)36      
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Low Fat)47    
Rock Road (Non Fat)40     
Root Beer Float (Non Fat)33       
Royal Raspberry (Non Fat)34       
Snicker Doodle Cookie Dough (Non Fat)34       
Spiced Apple Pie (Low Fat - Holiday Flavor)43      
Strawberry Banana (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)24      
Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)27        
Strawberry Sensations (Low Fat)40      
Strawberry with Activa (Non Fat)34       
Summer Strawberry (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)34      
Sweet Coconut (Non Fat)37      
Tahitian Vanilla (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)33      
Tahitian Vanilla (Non Fat)34       
Thin Mint Cookies (Non Fat)38        
Tootie Roll (Non Fat)40       
Touch of Honey (Non Fat)30       
Triple Chocolate (Low Fat)43       
Tropical Fruit Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)34        
Valencia Orange Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Vanilla Bean (Non Fat)34       
Vanilla Silk (No Sugar Added - Non Fat)27      
Very Raspberry (Non Fat)33       
Watermelon Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)30        
Watermelon Sorbet (Non Dairy - Non Fat)27        
White Chocolate Macademia (Non Fat)33       
White Chocolate Mousse (Low Fat)40      
White Vanilla (Low Fat)37     
Whoppers Unlimited (Non Fat)44       
Wild Berry Original Tart (Non Fat)34       
Wild Strawberry (Non Fat)33       
York Patty (Low Fat)34      
Zesty Orange Tart (Non Fat)34